New Phone

After four years of using Apple’s iPhone 3G, I finally decided to get a new phone. As I’ve given up phone benefit already years ago (actually, when I got my iPhone), I decided to pick my next phone model carefully. My first thought was to wait for iPhone 5, but I soon realized that I’d have to wait for a long time… Then I thought I’d just take iPhone 4s, but after checking that out I found nothing there which would reason the really high price of it.

So I decided to pick some Android phone instead. And preferably one which comes pre-installed with Ice Cream Sandwich. And that pretty much nailed it, as there was only one model available in the Finnish markets:

I have been so far really happy with the phone. It was larger than I thought, but on the other hand it’s a lot lighter than e.g. iPhone 3G I used to have. And my 11 years old son was really happy to get my old iPhone…