Spreading Propaganda

I’ve experimented with different ways of spreading ‘propaganda’. With this I mean good articles I think others should read as well. Recent examples of such articles are:

I’ve tried the obvious method – sending links via e-mail. Doesn’t work that well, few do catch those but not many. I tried Twitter – works well, but only few people from the company I work in follow me. Tried also Yammer, where there’s more people who I’d like would read these articles but so far hasn’t been really successful… Posting link to an article in Skype in some of the larger team/project/competence chats worked a lot better and there was even discussion about some of the articles. Like when I posted the pair programming article to our software developers’ Skype chat it generated a lot of debate.

So far the best method of spreading propaganda is to print some copies of the article on paper and spread those around the company. Good places to plant the articles are kitchens and coffee areas where people spend their lunch hours and coffee breaks. We also have several couches where people can have ad-hoc discussions – good place to leave an article lying around.. I did also leave a copy of Lean Primer on the door of a room where few managers and directors sit in. It’s nice to see people reading the articles when I go fetch coffee and immediately there might be an opportunity to really effectively get my message through.



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