Test Driven Sprint Planning

As I’m now working as a Scrum Master for duration of one sprint, I decided I could try some different ways of working. I recently started reading Lasse Koskela’s Test Driven, which I found really inspiring book. So, I decided that this time we’re going to write all tasks as tests. No tasks like “Implement method XYZ of the Foo API…” were allowed, instead we had tasks like “When this input is given by the user on this dialog, client should call method XYZ of the Foo API…”

Nobody objected with this style of planning, although I saw few really puzzled faces around me… Unfortunately we started the sprint with three days of Stop-the-Line due to too high (>30) amount of open defects (or mistakes as some might say) so we only got to start the actual sprint work today. Let’s see how it goes, I’ve got high hopes…


4 responses to “Test Driven Sprint Planning

  1. Neat experiment, and good luck! I taught a team to estimate tasks by the number of tests they needed to make pass. It worked well for them. If I thought task estimates were still worthwhile, I’d keep teaching it.

    • Thanks!

      If we estimated tasks, would be a good idea. This team has never done estimations for tasks. Lately we’ve been trying to keep tasks fairly small to enable better predictability. Now the tasks created test-driven look a bit larger to me so we might actually need to split them a bit as we go.

  2. Sound interesting. Kind of lightweight Specification By Example and should be a good start for the planning part. And it should stop one from making a lot of tech tasks.

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