Scrum Mastering

I’ve been working as a improvement coach in one of our teams for about nine months now. I’ve been mostly coaching the developers in the team, but as always the improvements usually affect the whole team. I’m fairly soon exiting the team in order to do improvements somewhere else in our company and my boss had a wonderful idea that the last two weeks I’m in the team I would work as the Scrum Master.

There are several reasons why this is a good idea:

  • I haven’t been a Scrum Master in way too many years
  • The previous Scrum Master of this team left on maternity leave few weeks ago
  • New Scrum Master is still learning her role and could benefit in seeing how things can be done differently
  • I’ve got a chance to push the team and be a hard-ass for the PdO 🙂

So far my journey as a Scrum Master didn’t start that well… Sprint planning yesterday went fairly well, we did a Test Driven Sprint Planning session, more about that later on. When I asked for “finger feedback” I got all fours except one three. Fair enough. Anyway, the reason for not that good start for the sprint is that we’ve got too many bugs open on the technology area we’re currently working. And because of that, there’s a Stop-the-Line in action until the amount of open bugs drops under bearable level. So we actually haven’t even started the sprint yet, we’re still paying quality debt introduced in the earlier sprints (by our team and several other teams as well).

One thing which I noticed right from the day one as a Scrum Master was that there’s A LOT of things to do. Most of the things are small but important so they easily take the whole day. Guess it’s goodbye for coding for the following two weeks for me.


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