Return of the Son of the Farewell to SVN

It’s almost a year since we started piloting GitHub:FI in our company. I had high hopes that by the end of 2011 everyone would be already using it. Or at least most of the people. Didn’t happen. Latest ambiguous estimate is that we could maybe get rid of most of the SVN (and CVS!) repositories by the end of this year.

We deliberately started piloting slowly and expected people to start taking GitHub in use after piloting phase was over. Didn’t happen. Those people who already had used Git earlier, were happy to start using GitHub. Several of them had already been using Git on another server… We managed to also mandate new development projects to start on Git instead of SVN and that worked reasonably well, but. Several projects were continuation of previous incarnations of same stuff, it’s anyway rare that something totally new is started. And as people were busy and projects on a tight schedule, no PdO wanted to include stories about moving repositories to Git.

Few teams spent their improvement allocation in moving the repositories to Git and started then learning new ways of working. Some hick-ups were experienced as well as some resistance from the SVN–ain’t-broken-no-need-to-fix-it -people. And yet, we’re still in the phase were few of the larger projects don’t have time and/or will to move those goddamn repositories away from SVN to a better place… And yet, using SVN hurts – it hurts every day, but apparently not enough.

I think I’m going to deliberately make all SVN related problems really visible.

And I think I’m going to try to sneak in stories about moving some repositories to Git when ever I have a chance. The battle is not over yet, it hasn’t even really started yet.

But this battle will be won. And it won’t take another year, I promise.


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