Farewell SVN, part II

We have one team which has been using Git for several years already. When they heard we’re looking for a substitution to Subversion, and speciall when they heard that one of the alternatives is VisualSVN, they said that Git is pretty much the only sensible choice. They did not want to give up using Git. So I started looking for more information about this wonderful VCS. The more I read about Git, the more convinced I was that this is the future choice of ours.

There were few challenges still to be resolved. How to manage access rights? How to manage storing SSH keys on server? How to deal with subcontractors? All the same challenges we had with SVN wouldn’t go away on their own with Git.

That’s when I was introduced to GitHub. A colleague of mine told that GitHub pretty much has everything we’ve been longing for (see part I), it comes out-of-the-box with features supporting using subcontractors and it has some really nice “social” features (see http://help.github.com/be-social/). Crappy thing was that our company policies don’t allow storing source code on any other than our own servers. So GitHub was out of the question, it seemed.

Luckily enough, I learned that there’s a concept called GitHub:Firewall. And it’s exactly what we needed and wanted – a private installation of GitHub on our own server, behind our own firewall. Excellent!

As of writing, we’re in the process of taking our own GitHub:FI in use. We’ve got a dozen developers using it at the moment and will expand to whole corporation use during Q2 (hopefully). I really hope that before the end of this year, we no longer have any single SVN installations running (not to even mention about those few CVSes we still have!).

So farewell SVN, I won’t be missing you.


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